"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

Opening Into Presence as Nascent Awareness, Being-as-Becoming 

Larry Kiehl, M.A.

1.  Who I am:

  • As a "consultant" to you, for you, I am an adept mentor, trainer, coach, counselor, mediator, in the integral art and science, the integral ways and means, of inside-out evolutional development of consciousness, mindset, and behavior (see my book).
  • This is leading edge self development work, including "depth-work and height-work", that will open you into a higher stratum of consciousness and mental, emotional, and behavioral competencies. 
  • My value proposition to you is an increased sustainable capacity to emerge a life of dynamically regenerative capability and wellbeing, among many other specific benefits that will depend on your personal appetites, direction, goals and such.

2.  What I do:

  • Put simply, I help you understand and access the evolutional/creational nature of human consciousness for your benefit.  The specific benefits you will have will, again, depend on your personal appetites, direction, goals and such.  
  • I make available to you my capacities and capabilities for assisting you in getting what you want, as well as helping you to clarify what that is for you, personally and professionally (you'll be surprised at how much we repress what we really want while we're "busy becoming 'successful'").

3.  How you benefit:

  • Your engaging in both developmental and transformational learning dynamics with me will progressively generate in you the integral art and science of presencing yourself in a consciousness ontonascent-state of innascence in any aspect of your life, particularly business, as you choose to.
  • You emerge an ability to be in a mental presence-state, by whatever name, that naturally dis-inhibits your historically habituated resistance to your innate evolutional currents to naturally facilitate your evolution of, and in, consciousness. 
  • You open into higher expressions of capability and performance.  For example, the ability to macro-process "life data" and do so more quickly, more easily make sense of a fragmented pluralistic world, and experience more freedom in being your unique whole self. 
  • You open into cleaner and clearer views into situations to more easily achieve not only what you think you want, your "apparent wants", but open you into those deeper and higher realizations and expressions of advantage and wellbeing you've previously only imagined.  This is truly transformational work of the vertical kind, beyond only horizontal changes, but does include them.
  • If you already meditate, or do other forms of innerworks, this work will greatly enhance your "progress" in that endeavor.

4.  How I am effectively different:

  • I prefer to work with individuals who are progressive about and advanced in—having a finer discernment about—self-development knowledge and capabilities.  For that reason I will be quite detailed in what follows here in describing how I am uniquely different.  Of course, you decide.
  • I am client-centric, a steward for your success.  I'm there for you, you're not there for me, as you'll quickly experience.
  • I am a thought-leader.  I'm also a growth-leader and interpersonal process-leader.  I have the ability to generate new awareness, new ideas, new thinking, and new developmental processes on the spot with you as is called for by your developmental needs and appetites in the moment.
  • I am a value co-creator (not just value-added) with you and for you in this developmental work.  I'm not regurgitating someone else's work.  Nor am I passing off information and so-called knowledge that I haven't assimilated and actualized as functional value. 
  • I walk my talk better than most (right, no one is perfect).  I don't just have a list of values that I tout, but actualize and live those values (see definition of "Demonstrated Valuing", and also detailed section further down this page). 
  • There will be no contracts for "the number of sessions" or "minimal length of time" either per session or over the course of time.  It's open and up to you.  Just an agreement in how to work together, what each of us is responsible for and to, and the like.  It's about making our engagements potent for both of us.
  • I generally do not offer "programs" and "packages" (been there, done that, on both sides of that fence as trainer/consultant/coach and participant), as such, since they require you, by design, to fit into them, instead of having the consulting activity adjust to and fit you and your moment-to-moment realtime needs, interests, and readiness.  Again, I am client-centric, as feasible.
  • Likewise, I don't simply come to you with a "bag of tools" to "lay on you", or a "training program" to "put you through".  Any kind of training or instruction that might be needed will occur on a "just in time" basis that is synchronous with your developmental progress.  My working with you is very natural and organic to your development-needs as they arise.  As such, you won't feel like you're "being changed".  Something you'll greatly appreciate.
  • How I work with you, in itself, will evolve, matching your realtime developmental needs.  My mentoring style is not "one size fits all".  How I'll be with you in the beginning is not how I'll be with you, for example, months later.  And, in a similar regard, how I will engage with you isn't how I will with others.
  • I offer you a no-risk opportunity (value protection).  You begin by paying a small introductory fee after a couple free consults as we see if there's sufficient fit between us for a working relationship) and then begin compensating me, per our collaboratively co-created agreement, when you begin to experience the value in my working with you.  If you are not satisfied, you don't compensate me.  Though very rare, you wouldn't be the first person I've ever "left money on the table" with.
  • My fees have been based primarily on my availability and the nature of the work I'm doing with you, generally $150 per hour since 2001.  I'm very open minded about fees.  Sessions are sometimes met twice a week initially, 90 minutes to two hours each, to increase your chances of getting traction and movement, the length of time being determined in each session by you (also how frequently the sessions occur).  Session frequency and length will typically taper down over time, per your needs and appetites.
  • You will typically have new insights every session into either some aspect of your life, business situations and/or your developmental progress regarding each.
  • So as to co-generate with you sustainable evolutional change dynamics, I utilize a unique "ontonascent-state mental presencing" means of consulting with you that incorporates and enacts proprietary interpersonal developmental dynamics that are a synergistic evolution of some two dozen different self-development technologies of over 30 years of refining from revelational awarenesses about human development. 
  • I'm very much "in the moment" with you, functioning in this ontonascent-state presencing that I call "innascence" (which you too will learn to open into), asking questions that will reveal to me not only "where you are" in the moment, but in your larger-context developmental growth curve, as well as reveal to you how to move forward into greater capacities of consciousness for more effective presence and functioning.  Our interaction will be fluid, natural, and co-generative, and in no way stiff, managed, controlled, or even predictable. 
  • You and I together (i.e., includes your pro-active participation) will co-(e)merge natural/organic inside-out developmental dynamics that can manifest in you to become more of an evolutional-being, a cutting-edge capability by whatever name.  This is in contrast to the typical outside-in overlay structural "installations" for change that are customarily offered by change-consultants, which typically requires following some pre-designed "program".  I'm not offering a training program so much as mentoring/coaching/facilitating your intra-personal dynamics to open you into discovering your own system and understanding for sustaining and driving your progress.
  • I ask lots of insightful and revealing questions, insert apropos views, none of which are pre-determined.  As such, I assist you in discovering your own source of change within you.  Inside-out change.  Your change, not mine. This includes helping you discover, or clarify, your deeper wants that have been mostly buried or inadequately attended to.
  • You are primarily "in charge" of where all our sessions go.  I am a "co-facilitator" of sorts with you for your development since you are, also, responsible for your development. 
  • I mentor progressive, growth-oriented, executives, partnerships, small high-potential leadership teams, change-agents (including psychotherapists), and work within your current understandings, both stretching, growing, deepening those understandings, to functionally disinhibit your ever-present "evolutional currents", awakening your latent intrinsic potential for emerging your evolutional functioning, along with its macro and micro supra-benefits. 
  • I don't and won't co-facilitate you outside of your ability to function well on a daily basis, but enhance your state of present competence while developing.  This is not to say you will never feel like you're momentarily "in the water between two shores", moving from the old familiar to new openings and understandings
  • I naturally view people through both a developmental and transformational lens, from a perspective of dynamically-evolving consciousness, mentality, and behavior where my focus is on your becoming and being more evolutional in your consciousness, mental state, vitality, and behavior, not just on making a change or two in your beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and functioning.  That is, you learn to get past having to try to make change in yourself, to let it occur more naturally and organically.  Think of it as somewhat of a "release-rise-and-ride" approach.  You will love this difference.
  • The saying goes: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime".  I provide both.  Initially, I help you solve ("give a fish" as added value) many of your immediate "presenting issues", often rather quickly.  I also create for you ("give a fish" as created value), in realtime while working with you, customized and often original-in-the-moment developmental "Traction and Transition Tools" that will expedite your progress in moving through those particular areas of consciousness and mental functioning that inevitably (and often) arise in learning to open to your innate evolutional propensities.  This facilitates and enhances movement in your macro-capabilities to enact and sustain your overall evolutional development (i.e., "learn to fish").  
  • Due to both the macro- and micro-scope nature of this work, and in my experience of over 30 years in adult development, I know that other people's specific results won't reflect yours, and vice versa.  I could tell you about client "successes" (for example, healing business-partner conflicts of mistrust and misappreciation, leading to hugging and tears in front of me and co-workers; a male client who is more intimate with his spouse because of learning to be more in-the-moment and notice his own feelings; that another found more inner security for making tough decisions; that a man lost 60 lbs. and kept it off without even "trying"; that people's productivity increased; that a woman got rid of a debilitating chronic headache, still gone as of two years after; that clients wellbeing improved while seeing their way through difficult situations, finding more inner peace, making wiser decisions, having more fun, eating healthier, overcoming or leaving dysfunctional situations, etc., etc., all some of the snippets of past clients progress); but that could be misleading for you personally.  I prefer to 1) tell you how I'll work with you (see "Demonstrated Valuing" window, below) and 2) also give you virtually-uncompensated sessions so you can have time to discern for yourself the sense of achieving whatever it is that you aspire to, materialistically, emotionally, mentally, professionally, and including in your spiritual endeavors (particularly in business!).  I present myself to you this way on this website to intentionally enact a self-selection process beginning right away, saving each other time and money.  That is, if you resonate with my means and style of consulting as described here, you'll initiate contact with me by phone or email.  If you don't resonate, that's a sign we simply aren't ready for each other yet, for whatever reasons.  All's good.  I'm not interested in having a website that's designed "just to get you to call" so I can "sell you".  Far beyond that.
  • Some relevant physical evidence of my own wellbeing might be of interest to you: I've had physicals the last few years (after decades of none).  My EKG was called perfect by the lab tech and my doc.  My BP varies between 105/65 and 112/68, depending on how "stressed" I am at any point in the day.  My prostate is excellent, PSA at 0.727 (on a 0-4 scale), all my organ numbers are normal, to name a few significant biological health markers.  Consciousness and mental wellbeing does trickle down to the physical.

Important Note: given the scope, depth, and nature of this kind of developmental work, it is not what would be referred to as a "fast" developmental process and time line since it is incremental, evolving, emerging itself, over time.  For the sake of transparency, learning these transformationally evolultional dynamics takes many months, possibly a couple years or more, depending on many variables.  A parallel way of saying this is that the unlearning and releasing of existing self-inhibitory ways and means takes time...

Walking the talk: Demonstrated Valuing

Again, regarding practicality, we all know that "talking the talk" is one thing, but "walking the talk" is quintessential evidence for who and what we say we are. In that regard, I make a significant distinction between "having values" and that of "Demonstrated Valuing", of living my consultant values.  The former sounds good in marketing or leadership meetings, and looks good in brochures.  The latter is how a person actually shows up in the world, especially with one's clients, customers, and stakeholders. It's what people experience about us, as us, day in and day out.  All without a commitment or a promise to do so, spoken or otherwise.

Demonstrated Valuing - as an evolutional-business and evolutional-being consultant working with you, the following can be observed about me and experienced with me in how I'll "show up" or presence myself with you—as my demonstrated valuing, also known as my enacted operational values (not just a list of values) with you as my client:

  • Being a steward for your success
  • Honoring your growth process, meeting you where you are, not trying to fit you into a "program for change"
  • Conscientiously co-generating sustainable change with you at a natural pace for you, both vertical and lateral changes of, and in, stages and states of consciousness ("in" is within a stage and/or state of consciousness; "of" is a shift between stages and/or states)
  • Intimately and presently involved in the intricacies and dynamics of your evolutional endeavors and progression
  • Authenticity and transparency, being trustworthy, worthy of your trust; includes being a confidante to you, and a mirror for you, as needed, not another "yes person" in your life (Executives, take note)
  • Holding your confidentialities not simply as secrets-to-be-kept, but as insights to be utilized for dis-inhibiting and emerging your evolutional progress
  • An engaging presence, inspiring, and awakening your latent natural/organic next-steps that advance your intrinsically inspired awareness and action
  • Supporting consciousness depthwork and heightwork that is suitable to your readiness (i.e., your present willingness and ability)
  • Listening deeply, also listening to what you don't say within the context of what we're addressing at any point in time
  • Insightful wondering, curiosity, and inquiry that is artfully and heartfully conscientious
  • Seeing into you even where you are typically not seen by others, but in a freshly liberating and empowering way
  • Being a clear mirror for you to help you see yourself in a way that is functionally safe yet pressing your developmental edge, beneficial to your progress, per our agreement about your comfort levels
  • Gently pointing out and opening those doors, those inner spaces and portals, that will enable greater release and healing for your natural/organic evolutional inside-out development
  • Functionally revealing integral or integrative meaning to what appears as vague complexity and seeming con-fusion (i.e., "against-coming-together")
  • Adeptly unfolding, revealing, and clarifying with you, your deeper wants, and what might be inhibiting a healthier more satisfying expression of both your authentic and whole "selfs" (no typo)
  • Creating and providing "Traction and Transition Tools" for you as needed on-the-spot to leverage your developmental endeavors and progress
  • Compassionately and sensitively revealing sub-functional developmental dynamics and contents ("blocks", "anchors", "clingings", "attachments", and "inhibitions") to be transmuted by you so as to dis-inhibit your innate evolutional currents
  • Helping you functionally "befriend" conflict, dissonance, past upsets, and even repressed self-protection dynamics, and doing so with fascination and presence, as a portal and springboard for your efficacy AND your wellbeing AND your happiness AND your (re)generativity
  • Being with you adeptly, supporting you, especially if venturing into "the water between two shores", enhancing and increasing your facileness for working your growth evolvingadvantedge with innascence
  • Enlivening, enriching, and refreshing your experience of your evolutional journey known as life, including in business
  • Co-facilitating with you, for you, your increasing assimilation, emergence, actualization, and even, ultimately, an "authoring", of self into an eventual "station" of life and living that personally occurs as elegance-in-being, and as elegance-of-exchange in business

Education and background

I'll say a few more things that wouldn't typically go into a website, but then I'm not a typical consultant, nor looking for typical clients. 

Briefly, I have an Masters degree in Human Communication Studies from the University of Denver with a concentration in "communication development" and the ways and means of engaging both self development and interpersonal development dynamics.  My B.A. was a double major in Psych and Comm.  My academic years included over 700 hours of various experiential programs and lab work in human development and interpersonal functioning, plus hundreds of hours since, all as preparation for some three decades of consulting, working to implement these experiences/learnings.  I began my self-development training business practice in 1978 in Colorado.  I had a consciousness/spiritual awakening, the first of a few, in the Spring of 1983 as a result of my own continuous and progressive self-development work.  Since I didn't have a teacher or guru-type person in my life, I wasn't able to easily assimilate much of what happened in me at the time, and became, then, pretty useless in a business context until 1984 when I assimilated that first awakening and then began doing long term (12+ months) in-depth self development coaching for executives as well as for other consultants who had their own practices. 

In general, I've been consciously expanding the envelope, dynamics, and content of my own consciousness and functioning since the early 1970s, learning to be more capable in body/mind/spirit in life and business.  And I don't mind saying that one result of this journey is that even as of today the "blush is still on the rose" in my life. Freshness, immediacy, openness, authenticity, presence, intimacy, transparency, evolving and such, are familiar experiences on a near-daily basis. In fact, they're wonderfully intimate and precious experiences in my life. 

Very central in all this is practicality and functionality, especially the pragmatic "application" of what I'm expressing here on these pages, and can with you and for you, in person.

I discovered long ago that life is not about "balance" of our parts of self and/or our life, but about emerging and enacting more of our "wholeness", particularly a healthy "integral expression" of our so-called "parts". More aptly put, it's about integral wholeness, whole-self living, where any need for balance naturally finds or emerges itself, not unlike the meaning of the dynamic expressed in the saying, "water seeks it's own level". It's natural, of nature, organic in its occurrence because it's an enactment of the evolutional currents operating in consciousness within all of us, at least to the extent we don't continue to unwittingly inhibit them, as most of us have through socialization, and continue to.  Still.

I am what could be called an "elder" or "very senior" mentor in this work and its capabilities.  It's not just a "body of knowledge" that I impart to others.  It's a living, alive, dynamic that I help others open into and realize for, and in, themselves.  For me, this entails being a consultant who is a mentor, trainer, coach, facilitator, guide, and mediator.  My adeptness in engaging and co-generating results with past clients inclines me to work with the more "mature" or "developmentally advanced" individuals, executives, partnerships, and leadership teams in companies.  This also includes professional life coaches, psychotherapists, not just growth-oriented individuals in business and the professions.  Anyone who is willing and able ("ready") to look not only at but into themselves, to discover the gifts and talents dormantly "waiting" there.  This would be individuals who have probably already been on a personal growth, self development, professional development, and spiritual development track for some years, even decades, and have realized a level of sophistication and understanding about human change and development that would ready them to incorporate more advanced, sophisticated, and higher-stratum endeavors and capabilities in the domains of evolutionally-developmental consciousness. 

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