"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

Awakening Into Your Leading-Edge of Development


Typical personal and professional focal areas

  • Sustainable development in business and living
  • Integral and ontological consciousness development
  • Liberating perspective from mind to consciousness
  • Developing new capabilities for growth, development, transformation
  • Emerging the capabilities of prosperity, abundance, and wealth
  • Healing/optimizing partnerships and executive relationships
  • Transformations and breakthrough mediation
  • Empowering and engaging in open healthy collaborative conflict
  • Break-out problem solving dynamics
  • High-performance co-orienting, collaborative teams
  • Co-leadership dynamics and other integral paradigm applications
  • Experiential-learning dynamics, both personal and interpersonal
  • Becoming a learning-as-evolving organization
  • Unifying and synergizing your business life and spiritual life
  • Seminal thinking and r/evolutional communication and collaboration
  • Authentic-self and whole-self functioning, reducing unhealthy stress
  • Growth in consciousness, mind, emotions, and behaviors
  • Innerworks developmental skills (including theta-brainwave dynamics)
  • Empowering transformational change in self and others
  • Emerging an evolutional/creational consciousness
  • Self-Mastery skills (e.g., presence, meta-awareness, emergent-ability)

Kinds of Clients

  • Growth-oriented High-functioning Individuals
  • Management, Leadership, O.D., and Sustainable-Change Consultants
  • Business Executives and Executive Leadership Teams
  • Small-Business Partnerships
  • Psychotherapists
  • Life Coaches
  • Change Agents

Available Formats

  • On-site consulting
  • Phone consulting
  • Specializing in one-on-one and one-on-two attention
  • Instructional Classes and Seminars (teleconference or in-person)
  • Experiential Developmental Workshops and Laboratories (in-person only)
  • Speaking Engagements and Presentations (interactive!)
  • "End of business" and "after hours" availability
  • Willing to contract exclusively with one company if it generates a sufficient workload; there are advantages to the company's culture in doing so
(Note: I generally don't offer training "programs" and "packages" per se since they require you, by design, to fit into them, instead of having the learning activity adjust to and fit you and your moment-to-moment realtime needs, interests, and readiness.  I am client-centric, as feasible.  That said, if there's a group of persons that prefer to learn a particular focal area together, like a team would, I can conduct training programs for such.)

Regarding my fees: they have been based primarily on my availability and the nature of the work I'm doing with you or your company, typically $150/hr. since 2001, now negotiable given the ambiguous state of the economy.  I'm very "open minded" and client-centric in how I charge.  

Perhaps over the years you've had a chance to think about what you do and don't want in a developmental mentor, educator, or coach.  Here are some distinctions that might help you clarify your decision process

What you do want:

What you don't want:

Conversational personally-engaging authenticity, adeptness, sensitivity, facileness in presence with your questions, issues, needs, and readiness

Dog-and-pony-show presentations, stilted stand-up, grandstanding, strutting, pontificating, lectures, talked down to, "being dazzled" just to be dazzled

Transparency, authenticity of self, openness, honesty, owning

"Ego" displays, posturing, deflection, defensiveness

Grounded, personally meaningful, engaging and inspiring dialogue

Double talk, ambiguity, fluff

Understanding, clarification; clean responses

Being persuaded

Natural integrally manageable complexity

Fragmented unmanageable complexity

Clean, clear mirroring of your "stuff", that you can both acknowledge, accept, and act on

Projections and muddled mirroring; a hall of mirrors experience in looking at your "stuff"

Co-facilitation with you for your opening into your deeper/higher authentic-self expression

Submitting to me or "my way"

Inner-liberated authentic expression

License to act as you want

Being "cared about" (feeling self-sourced)

Being "carried" (feeling dependent on me)

Authentic, outside the box, transparent, translucent, trans-religious, spiritually universal (for lack of better words), understandings for evolving your consciousness and mental paradigm

Religion, be it Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Zen, or any "religion" (dogmas, rules, prescriptions, morality, religious dos and don'ts)

 To learn inside-out change-sustaining dynamics that will generate sustainable internal and external change

To take on more outside-in overlay changes that usually won't last, by their outside-in nature

Potency, agility, freedom

Contracts, constraints

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