"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

"Innascence" of Mind: Fresh-Takes in Business and Life

Terminology (alphabetically)

Consulting/Consultant - As it applies to me and my work, I use the terms "consulting" and "consultant" as a collective term for my skills as a: mentor, coach, trainer, facilitator, guide (particularly in innerworks experientials), and mediator (both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflict).  These are not redundant terms, but distinct orientations and applications of presence that I integrally enact and apply.

Demonstrated Valuing - We all know that "talking the talk" is one thing, but "walking the talk" is quintessential evidence for who and what we say we are.  In that regard, I make a significant distinction between "having values" and that of "demonstrated valuing", regarding my consulting (
see definition, above) practice.  The former sounds good in marketing or leadership meetings, and looks good in brochures.  The latter is how a person actually shows up in the world, especially with one's clients, customers, and stakeholders.  It's what people experience about us, as us, day in and day out.  All without a commitment or a promise to do so, spoken or otherwise. 

Depthwork and Heightwork
- This
is not typical personal change-development work in that it includes your opening to deeper/higher mental and consciousness structures, content, and dynamics than normal business coaching dialogue would avail.  It can include closed-eye processes, opening into and engaging relevant emotional content, and shadow work per your readiness, all as appropriate to your realtime willingness and abilities.

-  A condition of consciousness and mindedness when we have sufficiently opened into our capacity and capability of innascence (see definition, below), and function there a majority of the time, thus presencing us to the evolutional currents (
see definition, below) within us.  We are then more prone to evolutionally developing, to transformational (vertical) shifts of consciousness and mental functioning, being in the moment, being a person who is now predominantly evolutionally-open in their consciousness and mental paradigm, functioning primarily in/as their authentic self, in an evolutional-consciousness (see definition, below)

Evolutional-business - a business that is enacted by evolutional-beings (
see definition, above) in their evolutional-consciousness (see definition, below) via their innascence (see definition, below).

- having a consciousness that is 1) actively open and responsive to life's "evolutional/creational currents" that are operating within our, and everyones, consciousness, and 2) able to enact ontological, "ontonascent" states of innascence
(see definition, below) of mind and presence at any point during our day.  These two capabilities naturally avail us to a greater propensity for transformational movement into higher stages of consciousness over time, dependent upon our "readiness" (willingness and ability) along the way.  This conscious capability means that we have moment-to-moment access to ontological, ontogenic, ontonascent, by whatever terms, consciousness and mental presencing dynamics.  It's important to understand that this dynamic is creationally-evolutional and evolutionally-creative, both, being one and the same dynamic current, however termed. 

Evolutional Currents - These "currents", by whatever name and notion, are functionally in us both as individual human beings and among us as a species.  They're current in that they're immediate, present, here and now, and they also function somewhat like an electrical current, connecting objects in our brain via synapses (cells in this case), invisibly empowering things to happen, like thinking and behavior; they also occur between us and others impelling the emergence of more evolved ways of relating and engaging, especially to the extent that we're learning to "loosen our mental grip" on present understandings, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and the like.

- The observable progressive change, growth, and development that organic life--as well as things produced by humans--goes through, be it products, organizations, economies, concepts, beliefs, language, and yes, consciousness capacities and capabilities.  As used here, this concept is not inconsistant with that of creation, since they're viewed as a two-sides-of-one-coin dynamic of development (also see "Evolutional-consciousness", above). 

edge Consciousness - This is a term that conveys the leading-edge nature of our being-as-becoming and functioning in and from our innascence (see definition, below) as an evolutional-being (see definition, above).  It also refers to the ever-emegent evolving nature of this state.  It is a functioning in a state of consciousness that is like "playing" at our evolutional edge, in our evolutional "sweet spot", which occurs in us as 1) an advantage over not doing so, and also as 2) a predisposition to evolving in this state because of its self-reflexively evolving nature. 

(pronounced like "innocence") - Because of its nature, this is what I'm calling the new innocence of adult emergent presence.  It is an evolved, intentional, post-childhood version, where the dynamics of 1) "innocence", 2) being "in essence", 3) "in nascence" and 4) "in-a-sensing" integrally express as a dynamic creational/evolutional regenerative awareness-state of presence, a being-as-becoming in the now state of mindedness: innascence A way to understand this dynamically ontological state-capacity and capability is by relating it to that of accessing a nascent state of consciousness and mind.  This is what I'm calling "innascence" or "ontonascence", to coin two new terms.  "Nascence", by definition, is where something is in a condition of "coming into being, being born; beginning to exist or develop".  To help us understand what innascence means, look at the meaning of "nascence" along with three other words/phrases that both look and sound the same as "innascence": "innocence", "in essence", and "in-a-sense".  "Innocence" is defined as a condition (moralistic meanings aside) "of simplicity; absence of guile or cunning, having naiveté, lack of knowledge or understanding; harmlessness; innocuousness; learners mind."  And "in essence" means the "basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant innate individual feature or features; the intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something; something that exists, especially a spiritual or incorporeal entity".  And look at "in-a-sense" as a consciousness-sensing (beyond our five senses, but not "being psychic" and whatnot), where our consciousness senses something via our awareness (awareness is of consciousness, not of mind; mind is the filter awarenesses occurs through and is shaped by).  Notice that all of these meanings connote the lack of the inclination for "judgment", a lack of the "need to be right" or the "need to be better than others", "the need to win", "the need to control", and other similar psychological propensities and posturings we are probably very familiar with in the course of human functioning.  Innascence, on the other hand, has a natural openness, curiosity, and wonder about life and any situation we find ourselves in.  It is a bi-located consciousness-and-mental state of presencing oneself to "what is", being in the now and becoming in the moment, instead of what various parts of our contracted ego-self "wants, prefers, or needs" the moment to be.  It is when we ontologically see freshly from our perspective, newly, originally, seminally, as feasible, in any moment with intention to be serving something greater than only our ego needs in the moment.  It is a dynamic state of seminal beingness-that-is-becoming in the Now, opened into a state that generates fresh perceptions, fresh awareness, fresh thoughts, fresh thinking.  Also see an extended explanation of innascence excerpted from my book.

Inside-out vs. outside-in - The change I advocate, promote, and catalyze is driven and generated from within you.  It's sourced by you, not driven by me or others, not to say your impetus for change(s) won't sometimes be undertaken as a result of apparent "outside pressures", including by attempts to "install" over-lay change(s) that have been prescribed by a change-agent such as an Organizational Development consultant, for example, or some such.  In working with you, I will facilitate, finesse, and help catalyze your change(s), but you choose, emerge, generate, and actualize it/them.  These are changes that you recognize and accept a need for in yourself and want to make because you see they're "yours", not mine or someone elses chosen for you.  This notion of inside-out change can also occur for two or more individuals who are functioning as a "we", a team, a group, a "unit", where all involved recognize and accept the need for a change.

Introductory fee - Though the first couple sessions are usually free, the reason I eventually charge anything at all in the following early sessions is that I want to experience your "sense of investment" in your process, and to know that you do have some investment in your endeavors other than merely time and curiosity.

Ontonascence (same as "Innascence"; see definition, above).  When our beingness is in a state of becoming as a state of consciousness.  This state of ontonascence empowers our capacity to more easily and quickly make transformative evolutional shifts into higher stages of consciousness.

Over-lay change - another term for outside-in kinds of change (see definition of "inside-out vs. outside-in" above).

Release-rise-and-ride - A term that portrays the dynamic state-shift of opening into the state-consciousness and mental functioning of innascence (see definition, above), an "unweighting" from our everyday-mental approach to life and business (which tends to be very left-brained, inside-the-box, and of the command-and-control variety of orienting our awareness) and "riding" that state as is appropriate to the occasion in any moment. 

Theta brainwave state - According to brainwave research, Theta brainwaves are one of four sets of brainwaves (Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta).  The Theta brainwave frequency, roughly 4 to 7 cycles per second, avails us to a rather profound state of awareness once we learn to "be aware" while there and better harness this modality of awareness.  Unless you have had bio-feedback training you're not apt to be consciously aware when you are in Theta.  And if you are, you aren't aware of it as anything you can do something with.  Theta is the level of brainwave frequencies nearest to deep sleep, the Delta brainwaves (0-4 cycles), and therefore for most of us, once in bed, we generally slide right through Theta unawares into the Delta state.  This is especially the case because more than 80% of people lead sleep-deprived lives.  Or, if we have trouble falling asleep and go into a mode of worrying about things, we stay in some agitated mixture of Beta memories mixed with deep Alpha or light Theta (like some form of "dream-worrying" that's hard to get out of, keeping us from falling asleep) until we finally get mentally fatigued enough at which point we then quickly slide from Theta into Delta...unconscious.  Theta can function as a portal of awareness into mental capabilities not typically accessible—though available—to us in our everyday awake state that we know as Beta brainwaves.

Traction and Transition Tools - These mental/emotional/behavior "tools" are created on the fly in our sessions for you to use to more quickly transition you through our co-discovered "blocks" to your progress; any acknowledged stuck or stagnant dynamics that are operating in you and inhibiting your progress

Note: due to the evolutional nature of consciousness, it is suggestd that the preceding terms be grasped more metaphorically than as exacting mental constructs to be cognitively "clung to" as absolutes of any kind.

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