"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

Playing At Your Evolutional Sweet Spot in The Game of Constant-Change Business

Testimonials (a sampling)


As a native, I know a lot about my particular neck of the woods
Am familiar with the quirky neighborhoods
can appreciate complex side streets
generally know
how to successfully negotiate the terrain
Don't get stranded often.  Wherever I am,
I generally find my way.
Am used to watching out for potholes
At troubled crossings, turn likely left
Faced with inclement weather
I frequently choose to stay inside
But not until Larry did I have a guided tour
of the glorious, complex structural workings of the territory

Larry is the consummate, awakened personal guide
He is graceful flying falcon
smooth sailing, gentle glider
ever composed amidst tumult and gale force winds
Embraced me in the enormous outstretch of his wingspan
Revealed how to lift above persona
consistently access a higher plane
Encouraged me to spread my mind
so I could soar
to the top of innascence
Opened me to a wider perspective
that the view from the ground
is not the same
as the view from the sky

Larry guided me on a
journey toward self-mastery
Modeled that my thoughts are not a problem
what I feel is quite okay
how I deal is just another lesson to be learned
Directed my travel with GPS wizardy
and alchemic, pure open heart

Artfully, masterfully
Larry helped me reassess the terrain
Humbly demonstrated
how not to be soured by weather conditions
or let the roadblocks
obstruct my view
Can open to a fuller picture
only accessed from the clouds
With awareness
I can choose to refocus from above the skyline
Have been surprised to find
feet touching floor
is not the only place of grounding

If I calmly, gently hover above mental traffic
Settle into the immense spaciousness of the out-breath
I can cultivate a perspective high enough
to see myself travel
as both being and becoming
whether things work out or not
whether I like it or don't
No matter what comes up
can open into wholeness
where everything
is exactly as it should be

Larry supported me to
not force control
hold my journey lightly
Yes, it's quite a trip!
All in all
I carry a much deeper appreciation
of home.

Antoine Moore, Psychotherapist - Oakland, CA

Thank you, Larry, for working with me these last couple of years. I would like to share with other prospective clients some of your character elements and benefits of working with you, as someone who has been directly benefiting from my engaging with you. 
  • I very much value that you bring both structure and content to the conversation of my personal growth; it serves my understanding, the movement between structure and content of ego, or persona, that's very important to how my mind works.
  • You have an intuitive sense of where my growth edge is and you have the ability to bring me up right to that point and move into and through it, to help me move from there onward in my own personal development and conscious evolution.
  • You're a master at probing into and using intuition to locate my growth edge, gently helping me become more aware of it in stages, without causing me to feel too much released pain (if any) and needing to "run away."
  • You're fearless about going into the deeper, sometimes more painful places of my psyche and soul, with me. You always look at things openly, making yourself present to these sometimes difficult issues within me, always in a non-judgmental way.
  • You walk the talk of whole love (not "tough love") in how you are with me, at helping me look at, and feel into whatever blocks are showing up, to endeavor to access and accomplish whatever I need to.
  • When I go off on my frequent mental story tangents, you regularly, and gently, bring my attention back to the present moment, practicing being in present moment relationship and Self Presence with you.
  • You're a clear reflecting mirror for me, instead of being a hall of mirrors all over the place, in how you give me feedback.
What I really value are your many methods and abilities (I sometimes think of it as your extensive and diverse consciousness "tool box"), and how your mind and attention works to find me where I am, and how you're able to hold my feet to the fire without dysfunctional "burning". You help take me where I say I want to go, away from my current, mostly illusory and painful attachment to my old unworkable blueprints, toward ever renewing spacious functionality in my life.

Sincerely Yours -
Dan Noble, Environmental Consultant, Noble Resources Group - San Diego, CA

What I know is that you are a mentor/coach who actually comes from the position of what's best for me and my situation with no personal agenda on your part. I find that I already have an idea or have a sense about the answer and you find a way to help me discover the answer and verbalize it so I become clear about what the best course of action is. I feel honored and energized to pursue that course of action because you assist me in understanding why I am doing it and what the overall big picture is.  Mostly, I feel really listened to. You also ask the tough questions that I would rather not answer and yet, when I do, I feel clean and fresh because you helped me find the integrity in the situation.

Michael Bales - Founder, JAMB Trading Company - Sedona, AZ

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