"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

Harvesting the Integral Dynamics of Control and Chaos


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Evolutional Consciousness: Being and Business

Opening Into Greater Capability, Elevated Advantage, and Deep Wellbeing

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About the book It’s becoming very evident, given the ever-increasing emergence of “spiritual” books making many national best-seller lists, that many of us are wanting to have and enact more of our spiritual values in business, more specifically to become more of our whole self expressing integrally with our business values, no longer keeping them separate or having to live a double life of sorts.

To briefly clarify right away here what this means, "spirituality" is not about being more passive in business, spending all our time meditating, “being really nice” all the time, and the like. It’s not about avoiding conflict with others (nor within ourselves) and justifying doing so “because we’re spiritual”. It’s also not about relegating responsibility and accountability to the nether worlds.

What it IS about is being more mindful and present to ourselves and others, opening into coming from more integrity in our thinking and actions, engaging the inevitable conflicts inherent in business (as well as within ourselves) more authentically, openly, healthily, functionally, and maturely. Opening to that place within ourselves that is more innately secure in the world, less afraid of differences between us, less afraid of conflict (especially within ourselves, which invariably gets projected outward interpersonally), more courageous about engaging the challenges of life and living particularly as it shows up in business environments, having a more integrated and balanced life with less stress yet with greater and enhanced productivity and professionalism, in a deeper well-being through it all.

The book is about making this more possible for us, which includes the macro considerations and means for such: better understanding human consciousness and how to actualize that understanding for the enhanced well-being of ourselves and others.

It helps us understand how we get in our own way, on several levels, how we can unduly complicate our developmental progress with notions like “ego is bad” and other developmentally dysfunctional beliefs of our "self". The ideas advanced in the book go into much detail on the self-conflicting and self-inhibiting dynamic of wanting to 1) be a better person, but also how we 2) resist personal change at the same time.  Something’s got to give. This includes how we can easily see things in others that we don’t like, but not in ourselves, especially when it’s the very same thing. How we unwittingly confuse or fog ourselves so as to not see what’s really there operating in us, either as mental and emotional content or as the processes running that content. And how to do all this with greater love and genuine compassion, for self and other. These are only a couple examples of how we keep ourselves from becoming more of the spiritual expressions that we’d like to be, that we sense we are in truth.

To reemphasize a very important point, know that the book is not simply about becoming a “nicer person”, avoiding conflict, shunning responsibilities, floating around in a daze, and other such self-absorbed notions of “being spiritual”. It’s not about making us more passive and withdrawn, making unhealthy compromises, and repressing our voicing of what we see, most of which is very familiar to our postmodern-driven mentality. It’s about more authentically engaging others in the workplace (which includes being more authentically engaged within our own self), facing what needs facing, enacting the notion that the best way out is through (not only quicker, but ultimately less painful), pointing out the elephant in the room, engaging conflict collaboratively, instead of competitively or adversarially, and the like.

The book is oriented toward the "business community", that is, the business aspect of our lives.  It’s about learning to emerge transformational shifts of our paradigm—our presence, perspective, purpose, and performance—that will concurrently open us to greater capabilities, elevated advantages, and a deeper well-being. It’s about the rigors and demands of business synergistically and integrally co-emerging with the qualities and dynamics of our spiritual nature, as being not-twonot occurring as two separate streams of independent dynamicsbut as one ultimately seamless expression of our human/spiritual essence…as a species that “conducts business”, participating and engaging in this “arena of exchange” we call business.

There are many important reasons as to why you might buy this book.  Briefly, to mention a couple, because you might be a competitive and growth-oriented professional wanting to play at the edge of your capabilities, at your evolvingadvantedge, so you want cutting-edge information and input on how to enact and maximize your growth potential in both micro and macro ways.  And/or you might be an individual who isn't concerned only about "competitive advantage" as such, but someone who wants to develop advantages in yourself and for yourself beyond where you operate from presently.  Perhaps to see more clearly into yourself and interpersonal situations, have an increased capacity to be more genuinely present in life, to be more able to make sense of a seemingly fragmented life, to be more of your authentic and whole self, to discover deeper and richer intimacies, to more competently engage conflict within yourself as well as with others; to have less fear, less dread, less worry and other self-limiting feelings and emotions; open into deeper wellbeing, among other benefits. 

Book's Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction  7

Part I – Macro-Considerations for Macro-Level Change  18

Wanting Greater Competence, Advantage, and Wellbeing   18

Confusion, Conflict, Chaos, and Competition   21

Becoming Evolutional in Consciousness – A Master Game   24

Signs of The Times   26

Beyond  Business-As-Usual Consciousness   30

Three Significant Dynamics Affecting Business Success   32

It's Time   39

Do You Want a Business-driven Life or a Life‑driven Business!   43

What, You Want Proof?   46

Evolutional Change - Our Responsibility For It and To It   47

Levels of Initiative and Comfort with Change   48

Two Dimensions of Human Change   53

Evolution As Successive Transformations   55

Is There a "Right Use" of Free Will?   56

Humans Are Unique In Evolution: Progressively Higher Appetites   59

An Evolutional Parallel: Evolution of Economies   63  

Our Many "Selfs"  69

Our Many Selfs (Diagram 1)  71

Hey, Ego Works for Me  78

Attempting to Respond to Evolutional Currents and Its Transformations  84

Apparent Contradictions In Awakening to Evolutional Currents  87

We Unwittingly Inhibit Our Transformation and Evolution  90

Advantage of Opening To Awakening-Experiences  95

Notice: Awakening Is Not Mastery  98

Part II – Evolutional Consciousness Is Key  102

Get Meta To Your Perspective  105
Evolutional Stages of Consciousness  107
Stages of Consciousness (diagram 2)  113
Stages of Consciousness: Characteristics and Appetites  122
Integrative and Integral  133
Connectivity of Life  137
Co-Centeredness  138

Intimacy 141

Going Inside-out  143
Manifestation Phases Of Each Stage of Consciousness  145
Stages of Consciousness/Manifestation Phases (diagram 3)  147
Importance of Inter-Phase Congruence Within A Stage  147
Availability of All Stages of Consciousness  148

Part III - Transforming Into Evolutional Business and Being  151

We Can't Do It Alone 152

A Heads Up About Our Motives  154

Basic Skill-Components of Evolutional Business and Being 156
Skill-Components (diagram 4)  158
The Higher-Mental Capacity of Ontological-State Presencing  162
Ontological-State Presencing as "Mental Unweighting"  163

Ontology as Mental-State of "Innascence" or "Ontonascence" (new terms  166

The Super-ordinate Capacity and Capabilities of "Spirit"  172
"Human Being": A Term of Irony and Paradox  178
The 7A's of Change and Mastery  183
Interaction Dynamics of these Skill Components  191
Interaction Dynamics of the 10 Skill-Components (diagram 5)  192

    Emerging The Ontological Skill-Component In Your Company  195

Safety-as-Key to the Door to Emergence of Innascence 198
Trust-as-Doorway to Emergence of Innascence 199
Authenticity-as-Vehicle For Moving About In Innascence 201
Ontological-State Leadership and Co-facilitation  203
Four Phases of Group/Team Development  207
Innerworks Approaches To Authentic Innascence and Transformation  213
Contemplating Distinctions Of Consciousness  219

   Taking The Higher Road  222

Many Forks In The Road of Transformation  222
Higher Road vs. Lower Road (diagram 6)  223
"Road-side” Help  224

   Mindsets And Organizational Communication  229

Optimizing for Growth and Profitability  231
Two Mindsets: Open and Closed  233
Mindset And Link-ability With Others  235
Multi-Layered Nature of Effective Organizational Communication  235
Layers of Organizational Communication  236

   Empowering Open Healthy Conflict  240

Collaborative Conflict Is Not Competitive Conflict  241

Embracing Open Healthy Conflict in Communication  242

But, We like to Hide  243

The Power of Engaging Openly  246
Gender Challenges in Open Conflict Dynamics  253
Giving Off False Appearances of The Open Mindset  255
Dimensions of Dependency in This Work  258
A Possible Vision of Business Life To Come  260

   Sustainable Development in Organizations  266

Ingredients For Sustainable Developmental Change  266

   The Choice Is Ours  271

Relevant Quotes  278

Addendum Material  281

Human Origins: Getting Beyond The "Evolution vs. Creation" Argument
An Expanded Look at Evolution
Maybe "Creational-Evolution" and/or "Evolutional-Creation

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