"Innascence": Ontological Consciousness At Work

Transforming Your Paradigm of Knowing and Doing-

Evolving Perspective, Presence, Purpose, and Performance



...to discovering and enacting consciously awakened presence, perspective, and performance/productivity that is essential and highly integral to efficiently engaging the rigors, pressures, and demands of 21st century business life and living...emerging greater capability, elevated advantage, and deep wellbeing, all as a natural evolution of consciousness.

This includes awakening, empowering, and actualizing our "ontological mindedness", what I call our innascenceof mind: opening into greater capability for ever-emergent growth and development ...a dynamic state that opens us to greater capacity and capability of both mind and consciousness, and especially deep wellbeing, in business and living...
  • Evolution of consciousness by opening into an evolutional state of mind
  • Opening you into your leading-edge of inside-out development, your evolvingadvantedge
  • Playing at your "evolutional sweet spot" in the game of constant-change business
  • Opening into your authentic self, seminal presence, in-the-now, as onto-nascent awareness, being-as-becoming and becoming-as-behavior
  • Liberating your paradigm of perspective, purpose, performance, and presence from mind to the greater context of consciousness 
  • Opening more fully into whole-self expression, including your "higher" consciousness, your spiritual nature, with less dysfunctional self-repression
  • Virtually eliminating the experience of dysfunctional fear, dread, and worry 
  • Harvesting the integral dynamics of control, confusion, conflict, and chaos
  • Rising above two-dimensional "command and control" leading, strategizing, organizing, and managing

This site is primarily oriented toward the business aspect of our life, although it most certainly "lives" as our personal life as well.  It’s about learning the ways and means to emerge transformational shifts of our paradigm of consciousness, getting beyond our current paradigm—our presence, perspective, purpose, and performance—that will concurrently open us to greater capabilities, elevated advantages, and deep well-being.  It’s about the rigors and demands of business (and life) synergistically and integrally co-emerging with the qualities and dynamics of our higher nature (e.g., spiritual, evolved, awakened), as being not-two, or nondualnot occurring as two separate streams of dynamics and realities—but as one ultimately seamless expression of our human/spiritual essence…as a species that “conducts business”, participating and engaging in this “arena of exchange” we call business.

This is a recent dawning in personal competency, both functionally and developmentally speaking, that can generate "supra-benefits" for us in business and life, benefits of a higher order or stratum that are wholly practical to our daily personal and professional lives. 

It is a r/evolutional stratum-shift in integral ontological consciousness development and functioning that is naturally, organically, synergistically integrative of various fields of development: self, leadership, organizational, consciousness, and spiritual.  

Key to our emerging and developing an ontologically evolutional consciousness is our understanding, opening into, and engaging the evolutional/creational nature of our human brain and its consciousness as a state of presencing-awareness in any moment, what I've come to call innascenceIt is an onto-nascent presencing and emergent state producing seminal awareness that is, relatively speaking, characteristic of the dynamic properties of the Theta brainwave state of brainwave activity, that domain of awareness-dynamics that was previously only accessible to us between the awake and sleep states of brain activity, that we can now learn to engage in any moment while fully awake, and especially in and during business activities.  Especially during business, where it is so needed in this day and age!

These dynamic capabilities are best suited for progressively growth-oriented individuals with some history of and continued propensity for personal, spiritual, professional, leadership, and organizational development, and who have a burgeoning inclination toward their growth in consciousness, in business and living.  In life.  This could be leaders like executives, partnerships, leadership teams, consultants, life coaches, change agents, psychotherapists and any individuals wanting to open into a higher/deeper stratum of developmental dynamics of consciousness for their application in/as business and living.

This is both significant and potent, as developmental dynamics go.  Opening into evolutional consciousness is leading-edge territory in consciousness development and functioning, particularly in business.  It is both a micro- and macro-scope kind of undertaking, somewhat analogous to us "fish" not only realizing that we're "in water" (i.e., in consciousness), but learning how to harness and leverage this knowing for advancing our competencies and wellbeing in business and life, AND for doing so in a naturally developmental way.

If you are familiar with such works as the Integrality of Ken Wilber, the evolutionary emergence of Andrew Cohen, and the presencing of Eckhart Tolle, the stage-development theories of dozens of developmental experts, and want to learn how to more seamlessly enact these realizations, even in business, keep reading.  

Note: I know many of us don't like a lot of print-material on a website.  But for those who like to start "diving in" when cutting-edge material is being advanced, this is for you.  For an elaboration of the subject matters on this site, see my book,

Evolutional Consciousness: Being and Business

Opening Into Greater Capability, Elevated Advantage, and Deep Wellbeing

It's about synergistically co-emerging the presence and perspective of our "evolved self" with the rigors and demands of our business life as not-two.  We can discover and learn that our business life and our "spiritual" life don't have to be kept separate, as so many of us keep them.  Understanding consciousness is key.  (To read some excerpts from the book click here now and then click on the tabs to the left).

Some Relevant Thoughts

So, Here We Are
As most of us now recognize--with the advent and significance of the 2008 global financial crash, and more recently with the political upheaval in the U.S., Brexit, and the multitudes of refugees seeking asylum here--we're living in in an era where we need some profoundly complex and far-reaching responses and solutions to some profoundly complex challenges, both locally and globally.  We're dealing with a level and degree of uncertainty and complexity that we have, arguably, never encountered before on such an enveloping global scale.  As the reach of our global community grows larger and our world seems to get smaller we all need ways and means to better coexist and conduct our affairs of business and living, as well as have better clarity to enact our values as the most advanced and evolved species on the planet.  

It will serve us all to evolve our capability for awareness and understanding into more functional paradigms of consciousness that permit improved co-existence and wellbeing.  More particularly we must co-evolve, together, new values and beliefs with each other, to help us co-emerge these advanced ways and means of living and conducting business together. 

Consider that current thinking and already-existing knowledge and solutions will not contain or reveal the answers we're looking for.  And needing.

Evolve, Or Don't: A Present-Era Choice

When we look at any aspect of business and life we can easily see that everything is evolving (regardless of our philosophical perspective or bias about such notions that might compete with religious views) be it our products and services, our ways of thinking and understanding, innovations, technology, products, management systems, approaches to leadership, financial accounting, communication, governance, and even our spirituality.  Even our understanding of "spiritual development" is evolving. 

We're also getting better at accepting that change is a constant.  In fact, change is not only inevitable, the pace of change is continually increasing, as well as becoming more complex.  Very complex.  I'm guessing you've noticed.  However, though we might be grasping these awarenesses intellectually, we're still not very good at making the best of it in a functional way in our daily thinking, feeling, and actions: our personal performance. 

We haven't yet developed a personal capability for being more authentically and potently present, interpersonally responsive and engaged, consciously and mentally agile, even getting beyond being merely pro-active about dealing with change, or in dealing with all the complexities impacting our business and life that are emerging from our "evolutional currents", by whatever terminology.  

In business as in life, we must continue to evolve or deal with the consequences of not doing so.  Not doing so has many practical ramifications.  It means 1) losing any developmental (including competitive) edge we had, as well as any benefits of having been at that edge.  This also usually means 2) having lost our capability for staying at our edge, for continuing to function at that developmental edge.  As such, we certainly also lose the benefits of riding or playing at our "evolvingadvantedge", for knowing how to repeatedly re-generate the best capabilities in ourselves, as ourselves, and for ourselves, as well as for others.  

Sustainable Solutions

We want solutions that are actual personal competencies, not just stop gap measures and quick fixes (e.g., not the usual, such as product developments, killer apps, organizational re-engineering, leadership trainings, a new CEO, etc.), for more naturally addressing this naturally evolutional dynamic and its effects in and around us.  And we need to do so on evolution's terms as well as our own, naturally and integrally, so it is sustainable.  That is, to do so without unduly trying to control it or fit it into how our preconceived business-as-usual thinking wants it to be. 

A Crucial Distinction

You might be thinking, "Why should I care?"  At first take, opening into an evolutional-consciousness might seem simple enough since it is, in fact, ultimately, well, natural.  However, it's just not normal for us--and this is a crucial distinction.  What most of us don't realize is that our evolutional progression in consciousness is both natural and organic only to the extent that we don't inhibit it, knowingly or otherwise (right, it's also "natural" to inhibit, for a while; keep reading). 

But, unfortunately, being preoccupied with and overly attached to "command and control" strategies in business and living, we have, effectively, unwittingly habituated a learned-resistance, an internalized inhibition, to this natural evolutional growth dynamic of human consciousness.  We've learned to make it a habit to resist our "evolutional currents" (again, by whatever term), opting to reinforce relatively status-quo change-resistant dynamics in our consciousness and its mindsets, our mental functions. 

Consequently, this evolutional propensity in us still sits functionally latent, dormant, as untapped potential "waiting" for our awakening to its realities and benefits.  This is not simply a play on words, it's a real difference, and one that will change your life, and especially your living of it.

In truth and in fact, we virtually can't not evolve our consciousness once we become aware of and accept how we've been inhibiting these innate evolutional propensities within us, our evolutional currents.  But, acceptance of this fact is only our first step, yet a significantly empowering one, for actualizing an evolvingadvantedge consciousness and mind


Getting Unstuck: Owning Our Ontological Innascence

The process of generally opening into an "evolutional/creational" consciousness and owning our ontological innascence entails learning the integral ways and means of "opening into" a natural and organic inside-out developmental dynamic in ourselves.  This is not as easy as it might sound only because as modern humans 1) we're deeply habituated in change-resistant psychological and behavioral dynamics, 2) we've deeply repressed our functional access to those habituation dynamics, and 3) we, subsequently, haven't been able to even be aware of these first two points let alone do anything about it.  As such, we are virtually stuck and, worse yet, stagnated in our same old same-old outside-in endeavors to produce and manage change-initiatives in ourselves, and in others (if we have others we're "responsible for" in our business lives).  

The outside-in approach only increases our resistance to change, including developmental change, and even ultimately beneficial change.  As well, evolutional kinds of changes are not able to occur by way of the typical outside-in, overlay-change, kinds of efforts.  We can't just will evolutional change upon ourselves and others, at least not very sustainably, again, if at all.  It requires a more subtle and intricate kind of inner-shift dynamic, something of a "release-rise-and-ride" process, an "unweighting" or lightening (including enlightening) of mentality-as-usual dynamics, a going inside-out more than an outside-in "make it happen" approach.

A Higher/Deeper Stratum of Competency

On the practical side, learning this evolvingadvantedge state-capability of innascence literally empowers and enacts our leading-edge capacity for regenerative optimal functioning and performance.  It opens us into a higher/deeper stratum of functioning than what might even be conventionally thought of as "advanced self development technology".  It is a seminal, evolved stratum mental state of developmental capability that we can access at any moment, once we've learned how to access it.  It is a state that is both a process and product of itself.  You could say it's "evolutionally evolutional". 

It enacts our capacity to generate seminal awarenesses and thought processes in realtime through an ontological nascence-presencing in and of awareness that is characteristic of our minds activity in the Theta brainwave state of awareness, and functioning, when we choose to.  It's our capacity as an evolutional-being, to intentionally function in and from this ontological-microgenic creational state-of-consciousness (it's not simply what is typically thought of as a creative state of mind). 

It is the new innocence, an "adult innocence" of sorts, of being in and functioning from our essence of being, being in our nascence of awareness, and as a consciousness-sensing in the present.  Like childhood innocence, this state is free of artifice, deceit, judgment, guile, aggression, manipulation, and such.  It is a state characterized by being authentically present, transparent, genuine, clear, emotionally clean, consciously intimate, dynamic, fresh, seminal, inspirational, wise, insightful, lucid, intuitive, and the like.  It's a human capacity that can be developed into a capability for daily "use". 

Beyond Latent Potential

On a relevant note, to sustain any advantage—be it competitively, or simply over any prior stages of functioning in our own self—including emerging a higher/deeper wellbeing, we must eventually learn to make a major shift in our perspective regarding the dynamics of confusion, conflict, chaos, and even "the competition".  We can do so by discovering our innate evolutional-consciousness, again, by whatever name.  The sooner we do so, the easier it will be to find, and play from, our "evolutional sweet spot", our evolvingadvantedge, in the game of constant-change business.

Becoming more of an evolutional-being and (e)merging the dynamics of an evolutional-business in your company is an endeavor for us high-growth and developmentally-oriented individuals who want to not only "step up our game" in our developmental capabilities, but for those of us who want to open into, flow with, ride our leading edge, ride and function from the "sweet spot" of our ever-evolving evolutional-consciousness, in the pro-generative dynamic of evolutional-being--in/as our innascenceThis is a supra-dynamic flow-state of sorts, of "riding" and functioning in our emerging edge of previously latent capability, further manifesting and actualizing our innate, under-developed, capacities of consciousness, to manifest higher strata of advantage, wellbeing, including an exhilarated and rejuvenated life.

Playing In Paradox

You might be wondering, why would we inhibit the evolution of our consciousness?  How can we even do that?!  Also, by the way, what stops us from more easily transforming, making improvements, or any kind of beneficial change in ourselves, transformational or otherwise?  

The answer is not so obvious for us, hence one reason why we stay relatively stuck, stagnant, and sterile, particularly as potentially potent consciously-evolving beings.  It seems that we've unwittingly habituated various personal and interpersonal dynamics that inhibit, for an "evolutional-while", this supra-macro level dynamic for consciousness evolution.  And since this evolutional dynamic is so subtle in its existence and so slow in its movement, evolutionally speaking, it's easy to not notice how we're inhibiting its influence on our consciousness and mental functioning, especially in light of the more immediate attentions of our free will on a daily basis. 

And we've done this inhibiting for seemingly good reasons: generally, to increase our sense of safety and security in the world, simply put.  But, in that regard, as a side note, you'd think most of us would have noticed, as the evolving consciousness many of us are, that there is no real continuous state of safety and security in the course of life's unfolding, nor in business. 

As such, the typical command-and-control mindset is of limited value to our wellbeing, and especially to our advancement.  It did, however, work wonderfully well in the assembly-line paradigm of operating a half century ago, a good fit for our stage of consciousness development of that era.    

Integral Dancing with Chaos and Control

Wanting a sense of command-and-control safety and security as we have, some typical experiences that we like to avoid are those of confusion, conflict, and, especially, chaosConsider that being in confusion or conflict within ourselves or interpersonally is not the real problem regarding our progress as a person, business, or even as humanity.  Nor is chaos. 

It's our state of consciousness combined with its contents—mindsets of outmoded rigidity, with its assumptions, understandings, beliefs, feelings, theories, attitudes—our static mental constructs in general—that we bring to our confusion, conflict, and chaos, both within ourselves and interpersonally, that is the dynamic that grinds optimal progress in business and life to a functional crawl, if not a virtual evolutional halt.  A crawl that we've come to unwittingly accept as sufficient and normal progress in business, and life.  Consider that the pace of business only seems "fast" already because of your propensity to resist change (see "Release, Rise, Ride" below).

This openness to change doesn't mean supporting things like mayhem or anarchy. Not even close. Truth is, we can learn to befriend the dynamics of confusion, conflict, and chaos—heartfully as well as artfully, all integrally with control-dynamics.  We can presence ourselves to it and in it in a way that not only precludes the occurrence of "interpersonal damage" from it (and all the time-wasting and productivity-wasting permutations of sophisticated revenge tactics for getting even that come from it), but so that it generates incredible breakthroughs and breakouts of creational thinking (not just creative thinking) and insight, both intrapersonally and interpersonally.  It's a matter of transformative ontological perspective-taking, and not just taking a different perspective! And that's a virtually unknown truth that you can take to the bank.

Using either chaos or control alone will not advance us nearly as masterfully as letting them synergistically "dance" or "percolate" together.  This includes letting conflict "cut in" on the dance as needed, letting the dance be open and as agile as possible at any moment in time.  When held integrally in our awareness (once we've learned to), we can see it's a dance of complex dynamics and meta-dynamics.  And that, as with learning any new dance that's challenging to us, sometimes we'll just need to sit it out at times, grab a refreshment and ponder our moves, and remember "all is good", developmentally speaking.  And then after a breather, re-engage.

The Art of Sub-functionality

Unfortunately, we've relegated our resistance-to-change to an art form as we've continued to mostly blame everything around us instead of looking at ourselves, into our own resistance and sub-functionality.  We tend to make change and development a painful experience for ourselves and others. 

As humans we're addicted, or at least attached, psychologically clinging to familiar ways even if they minimally serve our efficacy and wellbeing.  For example, consider how we deal with conflict, both within ourselves and with others.  Metaphorically, it's not unlike acting out the saying "beating a dead horse".  We continuously "dis-manage" that process while wanting it to work for us, and continue doing so because it's what we know to do.  At least we feel like we're doing something, even if by being sub-functional.  And we continue doing so because we've gotten good at it

We've even made an art form of this sub-functionality employing an "arsenal" of grandstanding, meaning twisting, minimizing others, and other savory "winning" strategies and techniques.  We also aren't very good at being able to determine when that horse (i.e., dys/sub-functional conflict) is no longer responsive to us.  We keep doing the same thing hoping for a different response.  I've heard that referred to as a definition of "insanity".  And it all seems safer than looking for any new and untried ways and means that might possibly bring up any further confusion, conflict or chaos.  They have a peculiar comfort factor.  We've unwittingly learned to make sub-functional comforts the emotional maypole of most of our interpersonal activities.  But, what you don't know about, controls you.

Remember, avoiding interpersonal conflict, or worse yet, trying to "get even" with others once conflict is encountered sub-functionally, or worse still, dys-functionally (usually more the case), requires tremendous amounts of time and energy, even though we've gotten artfully good at suppressing the obviousness of this—and of socializing that suppression so we don't have to notice we're doing it—typically in the form of diminished efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and wellbeing…yielding potential progress to a functional crawl.  But, we ARE GOOD at doing it that way.

Mastering Perspective

Consider this a moment, regarding consciousness, that it's not merely what you focus ON that produces the ad(d)vantage you're wanting in your efficacy, but where you focus FROM.  Virtually all of us think that one of the ingredients to being successful is by being clear about our goals, strategies, tactics, etc., all things we focus ON.  We unwittingly never consider how those contents might be different, and how we go about accomplishing them, how we perform, if we transform where we focus FROM!  Our perspective.

Re-assessing Approaches to Change

Perhaps you and your company have gone through many kinds and phases of professional and organizational development...looking to find that place of people-functioning and culture that affords you the best competitive advantage.  Not only in your market niche, but in the arena of business in general, and perhaps even for yourself as a person.  Perhaps each past change initiative seemed to create change to some extent, just not necessarily beneficial over time, in hindsight.  And if the change-initiative happened to be a positive experience overall, then perhaps it invariably reached a plateau, then eventually got engulfed by some form of "cultural stagflation".  That's a typical effect of usual outside-in change-initiatives.

In each case, in hindsight, you might realize that those change-initiatives were merely a static "overlay" onto your dynamic organization by an "expert's assessment" of the particular changes your company seemingly needed.  Then it seemed just a matter of moving forward by the "shaping" of all concerned into the prescribed molds, patterns and processes of the prescribed changes.  More command and control mentality at its best. 

Again, another term for this approach is "outside-in" change, the same meaning, functionally, as "overlay" change…all typical of command-and-control-paradigm so-called "development", assembly-line-productivity-thinking suitable to the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s.  

Misplaced Good Intentions

Of course, an intended desire with this outside-in overlay approach is to squelch any confusion, conflict, and especially chaos (all conventionally perceived as "destructive" to optimal business functioning) in any organizational change program.  Ironically, this kind of tight, though well-intended, over-control inhibits the propensity for a more natural/organic confusion, conflict, and chaos from being able to (e)merge and play out naturally into a new, higher and more evolved, stratum of organizing and organization

By nature, we are self-organizing beings when we openly and authentically engage confusion, conflict or chaos.  But our psychologically white-knuckled predispositions never allow us sufficient time to discover and develop this capacity for ourselves. 

We're now needing disruptive innovation at the level of consciousness to evolve and release these old mental molds.

And consider this. As an evolutional-being functioning in/as your innascence, the states of confusion, conflict, and chaos become less your enemy and more your ally...they become necessary allies and partners in your cutting-edge growth and progress. 

Some day, in hindsight, you will discover that they are integral process-companions that you are open to and work with every day...in how to find and flow in the sweet-spot of the ever-emergent regenerative state of the evolutional-being, which you can become, and already are in truth, awaiting your awakening to it.  That is, once you learn to stop inhibiting the natural/organic (e)merging of your capacities, to emerge as integral capabilities.  

Opening to Inside-Out Evolutional/Creational Change 

Being a more innate dynamic for change, a natural/organic chaos-to-order cycle precipitated by evolutional currents is more able to produce a higher level, a more evolved stratum, of organizing and functioning in you, both in your company, and as your company. 

On the other hand, with the usual outside-in approach to change and development, the changes intended are NOT usually a natural/organic development or evolution of your culture's consciousness and business activities.  With outside-in driven change, it's not the kind of change that people easily accept and actualize as when it's THEIR OWN inside-out developmental changes that they're generating and developing in engaging each other.  It's not merely some well-meaning "experts" interpretation of "which changes the company needs". 

With the inside-out approach, natural/organic multiple "strains" of organizational confusion, conflict, and chaos occur that are easier to (e)merge into a higher order of integrative-complexity of dynamic advantage.  This opens us into a higher, richer, more evolved, stratum of understanding of co-orienting, co-organizing and co-operating with each other.

Perhaps, looking back, after all the attempts at organizational improvement that you've encountered over the years, you've come to wonder if there's anything on the horizon in the domain of business development that would not only generate a more natural/organic developmental change...change that wouldn't stagnate, or worse, backslide, or worse still end up in some form of stabilized sub-functioning.  Perhaps you're now ready to explore your understanding of an inside-out evolutional-development dynamic in yourself and your leadership team, for having an evolutional-business with an evolvingadvantedge.

Release, Rise, and Ride

A person's development can be of the static-step-change kind or it can be of the dynamic-evolutional flow-change kind.  The former requires repeated stress-inducing attempts at "letting go" of the "old way", serially dis-attaching from the old and re-attaching to the new, a jarring and painful process, something we're all very familiar with at some point in our developmental journey.  The latter is a smoother, more seamless, natural-feeling kind of fluid-change progression because there is less attaching involved (therefore less need to "let go").  Think something like "a rolling stone gathers no  moss", but at a significantly higher/deeper stratum of consciousness enactment.  As such, change-shifts can happen more often and less effortlessly, and certainly with less stress or the disturbances that can accompany conventional static-step-change dynamics.  

For example, in the past, when a personal psychological crisis occurred, producing abrupt tectonic-like shifts in our lives, it was often a sign of long-term inhibiting (e.g., psychological stagflation) of the natural/organic evolutional currents that were emerging to enable us to not only become more masterful in our ever-evolving environment (including within us), but to enact the natural/organic expressions of our higher evolutional appetites trying to emerge, "wanting" fulfillment in/through/as us.  Instead of our resisting what's natural, we can "release-rise-and-ride" our way in innascence to the dynamic advantages and greater wellbeing of our authentic self, as we learn to emerge into a grander whole-self life and living.

So, how is evolutional/creational consciousness and innascence wanting to emerge in your life?

(Note: There are several authors who are awakened to various aspects of the evolutional and presencing dynamics of human consciousness.  To get other takes on the theoretical aspects of the experiential reality of the stage-evolving nature of consciousness, read any of the dozens of other stage-development theorists, particularly Ken Wilber, since he's, arguably, the most theoretically comprehensive and inclusive, providing lots of  "maps".  Andrew Cohen's work is, in my opinion, more about actively engaging the evolutional dynamics of consciousness work, being open to our emergence in and of consciousness.  Eckhart Tolle has more of a focus on presence, getting here and now, and healing our pain body.  All are important.  The work of Kiehl Executive Coaching includes all of this, and in an accessibly unified way).

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